Turned parts with complex contours

The production of CNC, fine and precision turned parts with complex contours is all part of our everyday work. We manufacture approx. 5000 different CNC and Swiss turned parts from all materials in sizes ranging from one to 26 millimetres in diameter.

We use the latest CNC technology, enabling us to produce complex product contours for our customers without costly moulding tools. Our high level of vertical integration allows us to react to individual customer requests and changed machining specifications in the shortest possible time.

We manufacture from a batch size of approx. 200 pieces. We strive to offer the highest manufacturing quality with prompt order processing.


  • Long turned parts Ø 1.0 - 26.0mm to 200mm in length
  • Series production from approx. 200 parts
  • Finely turned surfaces e.g. for visible parts (ready to use)
  • Turned and ground fits in the mµ range
  • Milled free-form surfaces
  • Cross-machining in any angular orientation to the part axis
  • Rolled or diamond-polished surfaces
  • Tumbled or ball polished surfaces
Production bases:
  • CNC Swiss-type automatic lathes with simultaneous machining on up to 5 axes
  • The latest manufacturing processes to handle complex requirements
  • Process reliability in small, medium and large series
  • Certified electricity, generated 100% from renewable energies