Precision engineering in a range from 1-26 millimetres

Manufacturing precision at the highest level thanks to many years of experience as a traditional Black Forest precision machining company.

We offer CNC precision turning technology and CNC milling technology at the highest level. Our production process is born from our years of expertise in precision mechanics, our traditional Black Forest values, our specialised industry knowledge and our high level of vertical integration.

Our family-run company combines manufacturing technology expertise with modern machinery and excellent personalised customer service. We manufacture CNC, fine and precision turned parts with a diameter of up to 26 millimetres and a length of up to 200 millimetres as well as CNC milled parts up to a size of 100x100x100 millimetres.

We take on complex cross-machining of axes and shafts directly on the machine. We can process all common materials, while processing stainless steels remains one of our strengths. If necessary, we also carry out the assembly of product parts and full component production. Upon request, we are happy to provide surface finishing and practical packaging solutions at the end of the production chain.

CNC, fine and precision turned parts

Turned parts with complex contours

The production of CNC, fine and precision turned parts with complex contours is all part of our everyday work. We manufacture approx. 5000 different CNC and Swiss turned parts from all materials in sizes ranging from one to 26 millimetres in diameter ...

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One of our specialities

Axes and camshafts transverse processing

One of our specialities is producing axes and camshafts with transverse processing using state-of-the-art CNC turning technology.
We produce shafts with centreless ground segments or completely ground surfaces with a tolerance of less than 10 µm ...

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Cutting edge technology

5 axes and robotic handling

We manufacture complex workpieces on our 5-axis CNC milling machines. By integrating a CAM system for CNC milling technology, we optimise the manufacturing process and guarantee the highest possible precision. ...

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Products made of many different materials

We process a variety of materials such as free-cutting steels, rust and acid-resistant steels, aluminum, brass, copper alloys, titanium alloys, nickel silver, ARCAP AP1D and many plastics. If the material you require was not yet included in this list, just contact us ...

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Expert installation of assemblies

Mechanical Installation and Assembly Production

As an extended workbench, we handle our customers' orders with a high level of vertical integration, from mechanical processing to assembly.

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Surface finishing and packaging logistics

Surface finishing and packaging logistics

In addition to product surface finishing, we offer practical and protective packaging solutions, in order to complete the manufacturing process chain in-house.

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